Koenig Technologies is a privately held global company that provides advanced technology systems and professional services to government, enterprise, military, public safety, energy producers, and energy utilities worldwide. With technical expertise from leaders in a broad range of disciplines, Koenig Technologies has unparalleled resources and capabilities to bring sophisticated engineering projects to fruition with a minimum of risk, on time, and on budget. In fact, we guarantee our results will meet your project's specifications.

Based in the United States, with technical operations and support facilities throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, we deliver integrated solutions with a footprint that spans the globe. Incorporating best-of-breed technologies and support services, we securely meet or exceed the standard of excellence required for mission critical applications.

We recognize that the major considerations in your selection of solutions include cost-effectiveness, reliability, ease of maintenance, and superior training of operations personnel. Koenig Technologies is well positioned to manage your technical procurement choosing from among the competitive leaders in each industry; whether your projects are in energy, water mangement, desalination, integrated security, telecommunications, operations support or a combination of sectors. Our deep technical understanding of equipment and services eliminates immature components that can cause costly delays or that risk failure to meet your objectives.

Koenig Technologies horizontal technical engineering excellence enables you to realize greater value than the sum of your system's parts.

  • Command & Control Integration
  • Data Center Facilities & Systems

  • Security, Surveillance & Biometrics
  • Telecom Networks & Cyber Security
  • Social & Visual Media Intelligence
  • RFID & GIS Tracking Systems
  • 29 Palms Marine Corps Telecom ! Security Imaging
    In partnership with L3 communications, cable and wire plant, VoIP, data, and video infrastructure. Video analytics, geofences, 3D imaging with Praetorian Flashlight, thermal imaging, and facial recognition.

  • WMATA Technology and Automation
    Cable and wire plant assessment and installation, streaming media systems, video surveillance, video wall displays, digital signage, terrestrial and wireless data infrastructure design, installation, and configuration.

  • Washington DC Telephony Refurbishment Project
    Cable and wire plant assessment, redesign, and upgrade, migrated municipal radio system to the 700 MHz frequency band. Added 311 non-emergency telephone system onto existing infrastructure.

  • Georgia Ports Authority ATAMS Project
    Automated Terminal Asset Management System and wireless network; optical character recognition; RFID ; and position detection.7,500 RFID tags were affixed to truck cabs. WLAN acess installed throughout the yards.

  • City of Chicago Surveillance Master Plan & Construction
    Comprehensive design, and construction of citywide video surveillance; nearly 50 miles of fiber; 6m+ trenching; and a disciplined construction schedule. This project set the standard for other US civil surveillance projects.

  • Los Angeles World Airports Prime Contractor
    Prime contractor and systems integrator. Created cohesive security strategy for LAWA’s 5 regional airports: ACAMS; Police & Fire coms; building controls; perimeter controls; surveillance; video analytics; police dispatch systems.